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2011-2014 Business Card and Services

JoelMonty Business Card 2011

Yes, you found the correct website if you have one of the 2011-2014 Business Cards. (For a bigger picture, click on the picture or on Contact button at the top of the page.)

You are right--too much, too much!  In 2014 we have diversified a bit (still offering all services, just under separate websites and "divisions."

Performance Improvement, Learning and Change

For groups and organizations, visit and check-out our three video series on YouTube.

For individuals, teams, and not-for-profit organizations, Visit

Social-Mobile Marketing


Internet Product Offerings



Research Projects (as of 2016)

Tri-Cities Project of

In Kane County, Illinois, the "tri-cities" refers to the county seat of Geneva and the nearby cities of Batavia, and St. Charles  (Source: Wikipedia, 2012).  The downtown areas of all three cities have historic districts and are relatively affluent suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Each city has had economic development initiatives to build-up businesses in its downtown areas.

This study is unique in that it starts with the perspective of business owners in each of the three downtowns.  The survey was being conducted by a business owner who has lived in Kane County's "tri-cities" area for 23 years.

Phase 1--Study

Do you know what you need to grow your profits and your business?  Business owners in the Tri-CIty area are asking themselves this question and finding out how to prioritize the answers...More Money, More Exposure, or More Traffic.  The conversation continues to explore what the businesses are doing now to grow their business, what support are they receiving, what bottlenecks are they discovering, and how are they collaborating within their communities...

Lifetime Client/Customer Value Calculator

To get an idea of how much money thousands of potential visitors could mean for your business, check-out ourLifetime Client/Customer Value Calculator.

Mobile Networks

Every month thousands of people are looking to purchase something or to find a place to eat or to go using mobile devices.  If a website cannot be read on the mobile device, there is little chance of the mobile user shopping at that website.

Now, in addition to working with social networking and helping people build communities working with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+, and more, JoelMonty.Net is also creating integrated mobile sites.  Many of the sites in the JoelMonty.Net web of integrated sites now have a main website, a secure Facebook site, and a mobile site, with easy interface between them.  Contact Joel for more information.



Mobile Websites Mobile Website



Web Presence and Community


Social Networks

Facebook Business (Fan) Pages





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JoelMonty's Network of Websites, Services and Products

Welcome to our network.  We have a network of integrated websites, products, and services to assist you in e-Learning, creating and enhancing web presence and community, and  learning and change navigation.  We specialize in helping clients and colleagues learn how to learn and change what they need to change.

Joel has been a global learning and change navigator and a learn how to learn mentor, coach, and guide for many years.  He has helped more than 150 client organizations representing more than 20 different industries and thousands of people in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  He has developed and tested practical methodologies for both learning how to learn and changing what needs to be changed.  These methodologies have been used globally with thousands of individuals in multiple organizations and industries.

He has worked with the Internet since the 1980s, and his digital footprint (contributions made on the Internet) continues to grow.  As social networking has become more prominent, he has turned his attention to helping clients build positive and collaborative web presences and communities.

Throughout his learning and change navigation practice, Joel has developed some unique, experience-based tools, methodologies, processes, and understanding that he shares with his clients to help them learn how to learn and to learn what they need to learn to change what they need to change.

Beginning in 2011, many of these products and services are being made available over the Internet through an interconnected web of Internet sites offering a variety of information products and services.

In 2014, Joel has focused his services as a coach in three primary areas: Teachers' Coach, Organizational Performance Coach, and Memory Coach. His other services, still available, are now part of his overall focus of delivering coaching services and providing self-help in the form of books and MP3 recordings.


Products and Services Site

Visit  to explore our new line of information products and services--both retail to customers and business-to-business.  ( is a  division of



JoelMonty offers a variety of coaching services which one-on-one coaching, hands-on workshops (both live and on-line) optional follow-up services. He has created a Teachers' Coach Facebook Group for sharing of ideas, resources, and materials. JoelMonty also designs programs for clients as needed. /p>


Joel Montgomery offers a variety of "blended" e-Learning programs which include collaborative Webinars, Yahoo Groups (for more interaction and sharing of ideas, resources, and materials), and stand-alone materials provided online.  Joel also designs programs for clients as needed.

Web Presence and Community

Everyone needs a web presence today--business and individuals.  JoelMonty helps individuals and businesses develop a strategic plan for creating, enhancing, or integrating current Internet assets into an overall, positive and engaging web presence.  Part of web presence is building an engaged community within and around the business.  JoelMonty helps clients build new communities and enhance existing communities integrated with their web presence.

Learning and Change Navigation

Change requires learning and learning requires change.  JoelMonty helps clients to navigate the learning and change process and to build their mastery-level competencies in navigating learning and change along the way.

Membership and Community

Visit our membership, /p>

JoelMonty Blog

JoelMonty has moved his blog toJoelMonty.Info/Blog.   Posts represent current project and events as well as reflections, insights, and ideas from more than 40 years of organizational change consulting, teaching (adults and children), coaching and counseling children, adults, professionals, and businesses throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Posts are current and ideas work today. Contact information and links are provided. 

Learn How to Learn

JoelMonty has assembled an assortment of integrated products and services to help individuals, teams, groups (including families) and organizations learn how to learn.

Learn How to Learn eBook Packages

For individuals:  Unlocking Three Secrets to Personal Development available from JoelMonty.Biz

For teams, groups and organizations:  Learn How to Learn In Teams, Groups and Organizations available from JoelMonty.Biz.

Learn How to Learn Videos

For individuals:  Unlocking Secrets to Personal Development available from JoelMonty.Biz

For Teams, groups, and organizations:  Understanding Secrets to Group and Organizational Change available from JoelMonty.Biz

Group Coaching Services--Learn How to Learn Guide and Mentoring Service from JoelMonty.Biz

Learn more about this service at this link.

Watch the animated YouTube video on the JoelMonty Channel.

Learn How to Learn Websites

JoelMonty has two websites focused on helping people Learn How to Learn. is the home of the Learn How To Learn.Net Membership Forum where people can work together to master the competencies of Learning How to Learn. 

Competency Mastery

JoelMonty is offering Competency Mastery membership, tools, and services to assist individuals, teams, and organizations to grow their competencies to mastery-level.  Visit http://www.CompetencyMastery.Com and check-out the Introductory Videos on Competency Mastery on YouTube--links are provided on CompetencyMastery.Com. The Competency Mastery Membership is offered on JoelMonty.Biz.


This is our research and projects link for government and education.


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Joel Montgomery

Joel Montgomery

Teacher's Coach, Organizational Performance Coach, Memory Coach, Learning Coach

Joel's Vision

There is no such thing as small change.  All change is important to someone.

Joel works collaboratively to make a positive difference for the people and organizations he engages with.  Together they develop competencies that allow them to learn how to learn. At the same time they create nurturing environments where all contributions are respected and valued. They learn and grow together. They learn to listen to each other and to offer wisdom tempered by experience and by caring, and to work together to overcome the challenges they face.

Joel applies tested methodologies and best practices that can assist clients to change more rapidly and to produce significant bottom-line results while keeping the quality focus on the people.

He leverages knowledge and experience by cross-training the people he works with so that they, too, can apply these methodologies to new challenges faced in their own organizations.

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